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Hulk at 6 years of age
Hulk at 6 years, Hulk is out of
 Barclays Guardian Hercules and White Shooting Starr

This page has pictures of our Rottweiler puppies in their new homes.
Rottweiler Pictures sent to us by their new families
Magnus Von Barclay, 1 year male rottweiler picture
This is Magnus by Bruno and Nicolodean


This is Cosmo, he is out of Zorba and Lola Jean, 2009 model.
Sadie Sue jumping hurdles in agility
Barclays Sadie Sue Hurst doing her thing! Sadie has 19 ribbons in agility. Sadie is out of Bruno Black Iron Rott and Barclays Miss Gentle.
Swimming rottweiler and lab picture
Sadie Sue and her buddy Remi go swimming
18 month male rottweiler with boy
Simba and his best buddy
Simba is a Barclays Magnum Force Son
Rottie puppy graduates from obedience school graduation picture
The Graduate!
Angus is a Barclays Magnum Force Son
9 month rottweiler male puppy picture from his new home
Sherman at 9 months old
by Magnum and
Monticellos Georgia Peach
Baltar, 6 month rotty boy image
This is Baltar  around 6 months old. Simba in the picture above is his brother from the same litter.
Fella the rotty puppy wants a kiss picture
AW! Just kiss me!
Sherman at 18 months of age
Sherman at 18 months, a Barclays Magnum Force son
Angel Babe', she was my bestest buddy
Angel Babe', she was my bestest buddy
Genie a Bruno Black Iron Rott daughter
Barclays Make A Wish
A Bruno Black Iron Rott daughter
Von Der Barclays Zah Branka female rottweiler winning picture
Von Der Barclays Zah Branka
Bruno Black Iron Rott X Suzette Q Barclay
Click on Branka's picture for a larger image
Picture of male rottweiler, Zeus at 2 years of age.

This is Zeus Maverick Barclay
Monticello Rambo VD Maverick
Barclays Miss Gentle
This is Nate Dog, another Barclays Magnum Force Son, 2 year male rottweiler picture

Nate Dog Von Barclay
By Barclays Magnum Force

Pictures of our Rottweilers and their Rottweiler puppies in their new homes
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